How to handle rusty faucet water

We all have experienced this sometime or the other – as you turn the faucet to wash your hands, all that you get is rusty or muddy water. This specially happens when you haven’t used the faucet for a long time or when you have returned home after a long time and the faucet wasn’t in use. Most of us do not understand the real reason. There are different kinds of explanations and reasons given for the rusted water.

We all expect that the water we get from the tap is completely clear and clean. If the water isn’t clear, it is not good for our health and safety. So, what is the reason for such rusty water or colored water from the faucet?

The main cause of such water is prevalence of rust. This is a lot dependent on the age of the pipes or even the installed water heater. When did you last get the water heater maintained? If it has been a long time, it is good to have it inspected by professionals at once. The cause of such muddy or rusted water is damage in the pipes or water heater. It needs to be fixed immediately so that you can have clear and clean water immediately.

Is it from the public water supply?

It might happen that this rusty water is coming from the public water system. This happens especially when you are in an old system which has not been refurbished for a long time. You need to call your plumber immediately, but remember to find the source of the problem first.

Rusted Plumbing System:

It might happen that your pipes have rusted. This must not be visible from outside but the pipes are completely rusted from inside. Once your plumber visits and checks, he will be able to determine the cause of rusty water. In case the impurity is due to rust, the water will definitely have a metallic odor. Also, the appearance of the water is completely brown in color. In such a situation, the plumber knows best how to repair or if needed replace the pipes.

The rust particles are actually oxidized iron. If you do not repair or replace the pipes on time, they will leave stains behind. This will specially damage the white linens and porcelain sinks. This can be quite frustrating and you will need help immediately.

The rusted water can be stopped only when you know from where such water is coming and the reason. Your plumber will first find the origin of the rusted water – is it due to the public supply system or the home plumbing system. To find answers to such questions, the specific fixture should be well investigated. Sometimes rusty water is present only when there is hot water flow and when the water is left running for sometime, you get clear water. If this happens, it strongly means your plumbing system is at fault.

No matter what the problem is, your plumber will definitely find a solution. Get in touch with your plumber for early solution!

How to save money on plumbing

The plumbing problem may happen at any time at your home. It not only creates inconvenience. It also may create a great pressure on your pocket. Depending on the level of repairing, it may become costly sometimes. But some preventive measures may save your money on your plumbing system in different ways. Money loss not only happens due to repairing purpose, malfunctions of your home’s plumbing system for an example leaky faucet, may also lead you to monetary loss. This article will give you a few tips to save money on your plumbing system.

Do not Neglect Even Smallest Problem:

Do not neglect the small problem at its very first stage. Sometimes very small problems like seepage, leaky pipe, and leaky faucet take a major look with time. So call a plumber at the very primary stage and solve the problem as early as possible. You may have to spend money for paying the plumber, but, it really saves money in the long run by stopping small problem getting bigger.

Replace Leaky Faucet:

You may have to pay high water bill for a leaky faucet. You may think that how drops of water can raise your water bill. Place a bucket under a leaky faucet and see how much water has accumulated in the bucket in one hour. Then multiply it with twenty-four hours and thirty days. You will get a big amount and then you will understand how leaky faucet increase your water bill. So replace the leaky faucet as early as possible.

Install Low Flow Shower Head and Faucet:

Install low flow shower head or faucet to reduce the usage of water. This helps to reduce your water bill at the end. Replace conventional shower head by this type of shower-head and see the difference in usage.

Do Not Throw Prohibited Items in the Drain

Avoid flushing prohibited items down the drain. The only object that should actually go down the toilet is toilet paper. But some people have habit of throwing items like wipes, sanitary napkins, hairs, cigarette buts, etc. in the toilet and this actually clog the drains and may lead to expensive plumbing repairs. Pour a good volume of water in pipes to remove grease and soap every time you use oil, shampoo, soaps and detergent immediately.

Keep Your Sink Clean:

Do not throw vegetable peel, leftover food or other unwanted things in the sink. It actually leads you to clogged sink. A clogged sink is not an easy problem though it looked so apparently. Regular use of chemicals to clean clogged drains may damage your pipes because these drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals. So regular clogging of the sink may lead to major pipe damage and the result is expensive plumbing repair. Clean your drain regularly to prevent clogging and unwanted build-up.

Pour Hot Water in Bathroom:

If there are spare bathrooms in your house that do not get frequent use, then there may be a chance of clogging problem as dust starts to accumulate in the mouth of the pipe. Mix some vinegar and baking soda in a bucket of hot water and pour it in the pipe at least once a month to avoid the plumbing problem. It will actually help to save money by preventing the clogging problem.